New Event - Into The Heart Cacao Ceremony

New Event - Into The Heart Cacao Ceremony

Greg Chambers

Join Nicole and Robin as they welcome you on this ceremonial journey of cacao, sharing, connection, dance & drumming.

This is a journey into the heart, into joy and playfulness where we travel with the support of cacao, a heart opening indigenous medicine into an intention setting ceremony, dance, deep relaxation into a Shamanic Drum Journey, where may connect with your spirit animals, guides and ancestors. 

After calling in the directions and setting our intentions, we share Ceremonial Grade Cacao and the Spirit of Mama Cacao.

She is a gentle, yet powerful medicine to support opening and softening of our heart; physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

With both its medicinal and spiritual properties, Ceremonial Cacao it has long been known by many indigenous cultures to be the medicine that can help us back into balance and harmony.

The high content of Magnesium helps us to come into a state of full relaxation, while Theobromine known as the food of the gods increases the blood flow throughout our body and brain and assists us in gaining clarity while being deeply anchored in our heart center.

Because of the Nature of the Cacao, we may experience expanded states of consciousness and heightened states of awareness and connection to ourselves and those around us.

This helps us to perceive life from a grounded and compassionate space.

The Shamanic Drum Journey will guide you into visual meditation, where you will have the opportunity to meet with your spirit guides, spirit animals and ancestors.

In this sacred and supportive space, magic happens: deep healing occurs, we can retrieve answers to our questions, meet with our spirit team and even connect with passed loved ones.

Joy, Playfulness, a sense of hope, wonder and deep peace is how many describe this journey.

The Shamanic Medicine Drum and other instruments such as the gong, chimes, rainmaker, and crystal bowls accompany us before we complete our journey together with space for integration and sharing.

This ceremony is guided by Robin & Nicole Seeger.

Into the Heart Cacao Ceremony
Every other week
Rp350k (23USD)

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