New event - Gong Training - advanced

New event - Gong Training - advanced

Greg Chambers

Advanced training for competent Gong practitioners

The Gong is an ancient and most powerful instrument of vibration and frequency. The Gong is the sound of the universe, of creation and of healing.

In this 3-hour advanced training workshop you will increase your competency with the Gong while also learning to combine this complex and magical instrument with other instruments including your voice.

Workshop structure:

  • Learn Shiva and Shakti. Powerful masculine and feminine energies connecting for healing vibration and sound creation
  • You as a practitioner and healer. What is your strength?
  • The art, skills and ways of playing the Gong
  • Choosing a Gong for differing applications and why
  • How to maximise the impact of your playing time
  • Different harmonic range
  • Different sound generation
  • Solo Gong or Gong family
  • How to play to individuals or groups
  • Pure Gong baths. The ultimate effect for many
  • Connecting to and understanding large groups
  • Healing process and how it can affect those participating. Being aware and prepared
  • Deep understanding and correlation between emotional mental state and sound
  • Sound waves to release tension and blocks at all levels. Be ready – expect the unexpected.
  • How to combine the Gong with other instruments, including your voice

 Balance and harmony are the keys to a magical session.

Workshop outcomes:

  • You will get the theoretical knowledge about structuring a sound therapy session
  • You will receive a practical sound therapy lessons and applications
  • You will experience the different ways of how to play with the Gong
  • You will have the opportunity to play and learn the art and techniques of playing the Gong
  • You will learn how to combine the Gong with other instruments including your voice

 *This training workshop is available to both English and Russian speaking students

Training with Gong Master Mira Dalia Vengryte.

Gong Training – Advanced
Rp2,500,000 ($180USD)

About your host:

Lithuanian born, Dalia Vengrytė, spiritual name Mira is a highly experienced yoga teacher with more than 20-years practise.

For 12 years she has been researching sound and combining various musical instruments to create sound journeys, Gong Baths and Gong Puja while integrating sound into her yoga classes, hosting yoga and sound retreats and participating in international wellness and spirituality festivals.

She is a graduate of many Gong Master Training’s including with Don Conreaux, Tom Soltron, Aby del Sol (The Tone of life), Alicija and Richard Eiliak (The Art of Life) and Kjell Schibsted Sandvik (Sandvik Sound Production) giving her immense knowledge in the field of Gongs and Sound Healing.

Collaborating and cocreating with colleagues around the world has continually inspired and helped Mira raise her level of practise.

Her love for sound has inspired her to pass this knowledge on to those that seek this magical healing modality.

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