New event - Gong Puja

New event - Gong Puja

Greg Chambers

Upcoming Gong Puja's =

- December 3, 2022
- January 14, 2023
- January 28, 2023

“The space created during a Gong Session, especially the Puja, is SPECIAL. Within this timeless realm, we can manifest” ~ Brij Allen Mahajan

The Gong Puja is a process of deep Meditation, Relaxation and Rejuvenation originated by Grand Gong Master, Don Conreaux.

The experience lasts around 8 hours (5 natural sleep cycles of 90min) where participants are immersed in the sound waves of the GONGS and other sacred instruments. Vibrations wash over the entire body creating space and opportunity to release blockages and tension on the physical and emotional levels.

This journey induces a deep state of relaxation with people often waking in the morning feeling balanced and re-energized.

Join us for this very special overnight experience where you will get to sleep in the Pyramid of the Sun. This experience includes herbal tea and fruit throughout the evening and a light breakfast in the morning. This is your time to Release, Recover & Rejuvenate.

Hosted by your guides Brij & Adriana.

Event Schedule:

  • 7:00pm – Arrival, check in & acclimation
  • 8:00pm – Enter Pyramid of the sun for welcome & introduction
  • 8:45pm – Sound Journey starts
  • Allow the sounds to guide your overnight journey. Herbal tea and fruit will be provided in the café if you would like to take a break
  • 6:00am – Sound Journey ends
  • Reintegrate with guidance from your hosts
  • 7:00am – Light breakfast & departure in your own time


This is experience is not suitable for you if you have any of the following conditions –

  • Are under 18 years of age
  • Suffer from heart conditions / pacemaker
  • Have a history with epilepsy / seizures
  • Are a pregnant or expecting mother
  • have vibration sensitive objects in the body (eg post surgery)
  • suffer from severe anxiety, psychosis, or other mental conditions
  • Are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

If you have any concerns please consult your physician before booking.

How to prepare:

  • Please eat a light meal before the session commences. Pyramids of Chi Café is available on site
  • You will be sleeping inside the pyramid so please wear loose, comfortable clothing
  • Bring a re-useable water bottle if you have one (water and cups will be provided)
  • Bring your favourite blanket or pillow if it will help you relax (bedding will be provided)

Gong Puja
Rp2,500,000 ($180USD)

Meet your hosts:

Brij Allen Mahajan (India/Denmark/Sweden/Wales) – The Gongs came into my life back in 2007 when my family and I were living in Dubai. We heard Grand Gongmaster Don Conreaux play a short session at a Desert Drumming gathering. The memory of that experience still inspire and help guide me along this path.
The last 6 years of my life have been full of great learning opportunities, thanks to the Gong. There is clarity and purpose and I am thankful to be where we are today.
In 2016 I trained under Don Conreaux along with GongMuse and got my certification as a Gong Master. The following year I completed my Advance Training in Gong Consciousness with the same teachers. In 2018 I continued expanding my Medicine Bag through an intensive Gong & Sound Therapy training with Tom Soltron & Abby Del Sol. In 2019 I was honoured to be part of the first Gong Teacher Training by Don Conreaux and GongMuse. Since 2019 we have been conducting regular Gong Training Workshops in Slovakia along with the regular Gong Meditation sessions and Gong Puja events.
Adriana Mahajan (Slovakia/Hungary/Serbia) – My journey with Gongs started at the same moment as for Brij, with Don Conreaux playing at a Desert Drumming session in 2007. In 2017 I completed the KRI Teacher Training course and got certified as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. During this journey I further encountered the Gong and started to learn and practice at our Gong Training Center in Slovakia.
“I believe we all have the potential of healing our self, and by de-coding the language of our body (through observation & experience) we can initiate change.” Working with Yoga & Gong allows us to help navigate people to identify and work with Synchronicity, which assists in finding one’s path in this life (Dharma).

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