New event - Find Your Roar

New event - Find Your Roar

Greg Chambers

Your voice is a keycode. It holds your specific healing frequency.

Once you know how to utilize your voice as a personal healing instrument, you can reclaim your power, find your joy of life, passion, and purpose, releasing old trauma and pain while empowering the seven generations that have come before you and are yet to come.

In this 2.5hr Group Session, Nicole and Robin will guide you in a sacred and safe space to re-write your voice’s history.

Together, in circle we journey through ancient toning practices, an inner child healing visualization, embodiment practices and liberation through the voice.

This is NOT about cultivating a beautiful singing voice, but releasing energies of guilt, shame and oppression held in the throat and body.

You will gain valuable tools and techniques to empower your voice and create lasting change for every aspect of your life.

Find Your Roar
1pm - Every other Thursday
Rp350k ($25USD)

Nicole is an initiated Spirit Shaman in the native American Tradition. She studied from various wisdom keepers and is passionate about Holistic Psychology and a forever student.

Bringing Freedom and Liberation through both practical and spiritual tools, where heartfelt support and safety through Embodiment are the foundation of her offerings.

After surviving three near death experiences and understanding about life and what truly matters, she is a cheerleader and loves empowering others in living their best life.

She is a mom of 2, spiritual mentor and loves holding retreats, Workshops and trainings all over the world.


Robin is an Empowerment Mentor, Mindset and Relationship Coach.

After being diagnosed with MS in 2007 he embarked on a personal development and healing journey learning and working with mentors and guides from various indigenous cultures and a large variety of backgrounds.

In the last 15 years he managed to overcome his symptoms and is now teaching by embodying a rare and unique blend of a modern fully encompassed businessman and a timeless keeper of wisdom, charting the territories of his clients with eternal principles of alchemy.

His ability to combine his analytical and logical mind with his innate intuitive, shamanic nature allows him to easily navigate through challenges of any kind by utilizing his big picture perspective, dissolving any concepts of limiting belief systems that may arise for his clients.

A devoted father first, Robin is passionate facilitating retreats for men and families, offering mentoring sessions and thrives on holding men’s circles and workshops.

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