New event - Embodied Breathwork Ceremony

New event - Embodied Breathwork Ceremony

Greg Chambers

Breathe, Feel, Heal with Antosh & Nina

Our Embodied Breathwork circles are a balanced way to access the healing power of the breath and allow any tension or withheld stress within our bodies to be released. Your breath can be the gateway to get out of the mind and into the body to create more ease, power, and healing in your life.

Nina and Antosh will support you with hands-on bodywork, verbal prompts and loving presence, utilizing our scientific understanding of the nervous system and trauma-informed knowledge to ensure you get the most out of your journey, safely.

Expect profound experiences from mystical, shamanic journeys to deep healing and trauma release. This is a gentle, safe, yet powerful journey where we will ensure you stay within the limits of your nervous system and allow healing integration before you leave the space.

Our aim with this powerful practice is to help you rediscover your own innate healing power, and reconnect you to yourself, body, mind, heart, and spirit!

To maintain safety and integrity with this powerful practice, we maintain a 5:1 participant to practitioner ratio to ensure everyone feels safe and supported throughout their journey.

5pm - Wednesday's
IDR350k ($25USD)

About your hosts:

Antosh Sokol - Embodiment & Nervous System Resiliency Mentor

Antosh is an experienced Breathworker, Embodiment and nervous system resiliency mentor. Starting his healing journey from chronic depression & stress-related burn-out in 2007, he delved deeply into the world of embodiment & wellbeing through the philosophy of Tantra, Western psychology, Yoga & meditation.

Merging his scientific background (Bachelor of Science) he now has dedicated his life to sharing safe, integrative embodied living, the importance of honouring the nervous system and delving deeper into exploring his own subconscious through the breath. He is currently expanding his knowledge of Clinical Psychology through a Graduate Diploma of Psychology with Monash University in NSW, Australia.

Nina Hinterschitt - Yoga Teacher & Bodyworker

Nina is a therapeutical Yoga teacher, Bodyworker and Energy Healer. Nina started her spiritual journey through discovering the healing power of Yoga, saving her from depression and anxiety after surviving cervical cancer.

With her awakening through her experience, Nina was led to the path of Tantra and embodiment where she developed a newfound awareness to move through life with harmony. Merging the worlds of Yoga, Tantra and esoteric wisdom, Nina's mission is to reignite the passion that's alive in everyone and grasp life in all its beauty.

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