New Event - Crystal Alchemy

New Event - Crystal Alchemy

Greg Chambers

Join us for an unforgettable sound healing experience inside of a pyramid where you will be taken on a mind-blowing journey deep into your heart! Let yourself be bathed in a full spectrum of sound vibration from the earthy tones of a didgeridoo to the celestial harmonies of crystal bowls for a sound healing experience to ground your being and expand your energy

The experience creates an environment of resonance within the body, creating full-body relaxation and recalibration down to the level of the cellular structure. Let go of stress and dissolve the busy mind in the ocean of sound to access more of your true potential, balance your energy, and align with well-being on all levels! You will feel the difference with crystal bowls tuned in a natural Earth tuning of 432Hz!

Crystal Alchemy
Rp350k ($23USD)

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