New event - Breathwork Intensive 1-Day Workshop

New event - Breathwork Intensive 1-Day Workshop

Greg Chambers

In this Intensive 1-day workshop, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles of breathwork, your nervous system & how you can utilize this healing modality to empower your life.

You'll learn:

  • The physiology & anatomy of breathing, it's link to mind, body & emotional health
  • learn the tools for stress management; avoid burnout & improve overall wellbeing
  • understanding how to use breath awareness to step out of conditioned patterns behaviour
  • improve your performance & access deeper levels of ease, relaxation & power

This workshop is not only educational, but also an experiential journey, where you will embody the wisdom of breathwork to build a solid self-practice in breathwork & awareness.

By setting a strong foundation within your self-practice, your daily life will improve in many aspects, & when things get rocky, you'll have the knowledge and experience to get yourself back on track!

The Power of Embodied Breathwork:

  • Heal your nervous system & achieve deeper states of calm & ease
  • Create safety & connection by understanding & fulfilling our basic subconscious needs
  • Learn to respond, not react to stress by understanding stress neurophysiology & management tools
  • Unleash your life-force energy by learning tools to build your capacity & resilience of your nervous system
  • Heal unresolved traumas & tension by learning embodiment techniques to release what no longer serves
  • Optimize self-regulation & heal destructive patterns such as addiction & behaviors

Who Is This Journey For?

This course is for the beginner to the experienced yogi or the executive coach who wants to learn more about their own power to self-heal & boost performance through breathwork.

Course Dates & Times

Class starts at 10:00am and finishes at 5:00pm. Please plan to arrive 20 minutes early to ensure you arrive in time with the traffic and help you settle in.

Lunch is from 1pm - 2pm and Pyramids of Chi Cafe by Malaika is onsite serving incredible vegan food.

What to bring?

  • Comfortable, light clothes that allow movement and meditation
  • Spare set of clothes – we may get sweaty in some of the practices!
  • Sarong
  • Water bottle, notepad and pen for notes

Breathwork Intensive 1-Day Workshop
10am - 5pm
Rp2,500,000 ($180USD)

About your hosts:

Antosh Sokol - Embodiment & Nervous System Resiliency Mentor

Antosh is an experienced Breathworker, embodiment and nervous system resiliency mentor. Starting his healing journey from chronic depression & stress-related burn-out in 2007, he delved deeply into the world of embodiment & wellbeing through the philosophy of Tantra, Western psychology, Yoga & meditation.

Merging his scientific background (Bachelor of Science) he now has dedicated his life to sharing safe, integrative embodied living, the importance of honouring the nervous system and delving deeper into exploring his own subconscious through the breath. He is currently expanding his knowledge of Clinical Psychology through a Graduate Diploma of Psychology with Monash University in NSW, Australia.

Nina Hinterschitt - Yoga Teacher & Bodyworker

Nina is a therapeutical Yoga teacher, Bodyworker and Energy Healer. Nina started her spiritual journey through discovering the healing power of Yoga, saving her from depression and anxiety after surviving cervical cancer.

With her awakening through her experience, Nina was led to the path of Tantra and embodiment where she developed a newfound awareness to move through life with harmony. Merging the worlds of Yoga, Tantra and esoteric wisdom, Nina's mission is to reignite the passion that's alive in everyone and grasp life in all its beauty.

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