New event - 1:1 Breathwork + Ice

New event - 1:1 Breathwork + Ice

Greg Chambers
Join Jason Serini in the safe, loving, and powerful space of the Earth Pyramid where you will manifest your heartfelt desires and let go of the fears that are holding you back!

Be expertly guided in a conscious, connected Breathwork practice to move stuck energy, release emotional blockages, reach elevated states of consciousness, and unlock the answers within.

Break through your fears and limiting belief systems in the Ice Bath Immersion. Using  the correct calming  breathing techniques, Jason will guide you to breakthrough your fears, reach a bliss state within the ice unlocking your true potential.

It’s time to face those fears, break those barriers and realise your true potential!
Breathwork + Ice
By appointment
Rp2,450,000 ($175USD) - each additional guest Rp500k ($36USD)

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