New event - 1:1 Astrology Readings

New event - 1:1 Astrology Readings

Greg Chambers

1:1 Astrology Readings with Vanessa

When I turned 29, I had major life change triggered by a healing crisis. 

I was very busy running a full-time business, travelling globally as a musician, and studying esoteric arts. But I was overworked, burnt-out, depleted – at rock-bottom. I felt a deep sense of emptiness and disconnection to my body. 

The answer to this situation lay in my astrology chart.  It turns out, I was going through a ‘Saturn Return’ (an astrological event we all go through in a unique way around 29 years of age).  Understanding my astrology chart helped me to see the deeper spiritual opportunities that came with this challenging time.

Using my astrology chart gave me so much clarity to navigate my life better and become who I am today.  In my case, I needed to pull back on my intense lifestyle and make space for presence, embodying my feminine essence, and creating a life of balance and harmony.

Astrology has as provided an incredible context to understand myself, my Family of Origin, Ancestral Roots, my lessons/karma in this lifetime, and the path to fulfilling my Mission - the reason I incarnated on Earth. 

The gift of this alignment blossomed into a coherent, energy rich, and prosperous life and business.

It led me to formally study astrology and delve into lesser-known aspects like spectacular asteroids and how astrology shapes our Evolutionary Path.  I mentored and worked with some of the most renowned astrologers in South Africa. 

Today, I work as a professional astrologer with specialities for understanding the deeper layers of this spiritual science.  I am here to help shine a light on your chart and reveal your innermost truth to gain deeper clarity into any area of your life and gain Self Mastery.

My readings are intuitive, gentle, nurturing, deep, stellar yet down to earth. In an astrology reading, I facilitate the space for you to connect with your life’s purpose and provide insights for you to take inspired and aligned action.

How my Astrology readings can benefit you. My readings can:

  • Clarify and gain further insights into your life path.
  • Uncover your hidden strengths and talents.
  • Overcome your patterns, blocks and obstacles.
  • Assists you to navigate through important life decisions.
  • Understand your life lessons/karma.
  • Discover your Family of Origin and Ancestral Lineage.
  • Glimpse into the changes, innovations, and challenges of the years ahead.
  • Align your health, wealth, and relationships.
  • Discover how different geographical places affect you.  

Having your astrological chart read by an astrologer is a powerful way to gain self-knowledge. It can help you clarify your life path, clear obstructions in your future, and help you navigate through important life decisions.

And all of this can be done in a single session!  If you are ready to meet yourself at a deeper level, then I invite you to schedule a session with me.

1:1 Astrology Readings
Monday's & by appointment
Rp2,000,000 ($143USD)

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