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Retreats & weddings

The Pyramids of Chi are proud to announce our SPECIAL EVENTS that will occur throughout the year. Imagine being married inside one of our majestic pyramids or in our beautiful grounds with the mystical pyramids as a backdrop? We have been asked by many visitors if we would consider being a venue for Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, anniversaries and even fund raising events for special charities etc, so we are offering that service in 2018. Please use the  form below to contact us register your interest.

Retreat organisers – looking for that special day for your members to truly remember their time in Bali with an added bonus? Already we are in a number of packages for people coming to Bali on various different types of retreats. many state that the time at the pyramids has been a highlight of their trip. Retreat organisers are quick to include the visuals of this adventure in their promotional material such is its growing popularity.

Bring your team to the Pyramids for a 90 minute amazing experience, a walk around the landscaped grounds feeling the results of the Gong & Sound Bath, and then up to the very comfortable cafe for a mouthwatering lunch or early dinner. We can offer a package to suit every need, which can include special dietary meals, ground transfer arrangements, catering on the day for Birthdays or similar,language translations and much more.

We are willing to assist in every way possible and already have many wonderful memories of magical days where groups have left us with a feeling of absolute satisfaction as we wave them off to peals of laughter, lots of smiles, plenty of hugs and promises to return.


Full Day excursions

In June 2018 there will be Full Day packages that will include such options as morning meditations, Ancient Sounds experience, sumptuous Lunches, afternoon ‘Sound and Light‘ experience combining the ‘Sounds of nature‘ (energy from a living plant converted into ethereal meditative sounds), the extraordinary light meditation from the incredible effects of the Ajna Light (works on your Pineal Gland for the almost instant meditation) and the Accoustic Bioresonance results from the under floor transducer system that introduces awesome vibrational effects through your entire body. An hour of intense meditation with energies& sounds that create a very special result in all who experience it.

Other special events include the very popular Cacao Ceremony every Thursday night, certainly an event NOT to be missed if visiting Ubud. 3 hours of beautiful ceremony, mantras and sound healing.

The Breathworks session in the Pyramid of the Moon, another deeply healing session that can release so much in a short time  and one that leaves you in a state of awe at its completion. Be prepared to ‘Expect the Unexpected’! 2 hours of focused energetic responses.

We also offer specific workshops every month from many visiting experts and all these are detailed on our calendar at the beginning of this web site. They will all be associated with some form of healing and only under the guidance of a teacher who has the correct intent and desire to help others. Nothing ‘commercial’.

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