Sound Healing

The rhythm, beats and vibrations of the gongs, drums and Didgeridoo in combination with the scent of the sandalwood and peaceful atmosphere in the Pyramids of Chi reduce ‘beta-wave’ brain waves that dominate aroused conscious thought, and increase the intensity of ‘theta-waves’ within the brain, which introduces deep relaxation and increased awareness of inner-self.

This is a demonstrateable fact, and there has been much research into the benefits of meditation on blood pressure and other stress related conditions. It has also been claimed by various authorities that 20 minutes in a ‘Theta state’ can be equivalent to 3 – 5 hours normal sleep in rejuvenating the body.

Many visitors tell of the most relaxed sleep patterns for the following nights after a session. It is seen almost daily how visitors are returning to the Pyramids for another session. A visit to the Pyramids is often not a one off experience, but one that awakens an urge to come again.

Sound Healing


For centuries the ethereal and emotive vibrations created from Gongs, Drums, and Didgeridoos have helped countless cultures to achieve many states of mind, health and spirit.

Sound is today also employed in the modern medical context with ultrasound and Neuro-acoustic therapy.

Sound Healing works on the principle that everything is vibration. All matter broken down to the sub-atomic level is simply a state of vibration. Molecular structure is the description of the state of vibration of physical matter. Essentially the difference between a piece of wood or steel is the vibrational pattern it is performing.

Emotions are also vibration as demonstrated by the work of Dr Emoto who exposed water to emotional influence and observed the patterns created at the molecular level.

Sound Healing

Dr. Emoto’s research shows that healthy emotions produce harmonic geometric shapes whereas negative emotions produce disarray. The same thing applies to our bodies which are up to 60% water so when we expose ourselves to stress, electromagnetic fields, and unhealthy lifestyle, our system can be affected adversely.

Sound is also vibration and when it is applied to water through the science of Cymatics, it also produces geometric shapes similar to those observed in Dr Emoto’s research or in Sacred Geometry.

Sound Healing

When one experiences the powerful vibrations of a Gong or Didgeridoo on the body, the being is literally being resonated back into healthy harmonic state of vibration on a physical, emotional, and energetic level.

This is why Sound is such an effective healing modality. Not only is it a highly enjoyable experience but it is also the link between matter and spirit on a vibrational level!

Sound Healing

Sound Healing


Our motto is always to “expect the unexpected” so we encourage you to have your own experience but what is most often reported is a deep sense of peace and reconnection to self after the session.

Some people are very receptive to the vibrations as their Chakra System synchronizes with the vibrations and the pyramid’s energy, to clear any emotional or mental blockages. Many often have profound healings related to physical, emotional or even mental issues by re-aligning one or more of the energy centers within the body. This reaction is referred to as a ‘release’ and if experienced, it is a true blessing and wonderful gift to receive.

For those who experience a very big release or healing, we do offer special 1 on 1 healings with one of our Gong Masters / Healers if you wish to take your healing to the next level. Our Gong Masters are also versed in one or more healing modalities and are very capable of offering support or guidance on further activity.

Please be aware not everyone experiences a “Sound Healing’, is not about being open to it, rather it is a decision made by Spirit for those in need. We welcome you to endeavor to ‘manifest one’, it has happened but that again is not in our hands.


Use your intuition

When choosing a sound healer to work with, as with any type of healing, it’s crucial to follow your heart or gut. If one particular healer appeals, it’s likely to be for a pertinent reason, so honor that. If you have any doubts, any healer worth their salt will be more than happy to reassure you and talk over any concerns.

Go with an open heart and mind

Try and suspend any expectations or judgments before you go as well as during the practice.


This will really help to anchor you in the practice and the present. By “taking long deep breaths at the start of the sound bath, these will support you to deeply relax and encourage the body to open to the sound work”. If you find your mind wandering, gently bring the focus back to the breath, using it as an anchor for the experience.

Set an intention

Sound is a carrier of intention, so setting a personal focus for the session can be really powerful and can amplify the individual and group experience. The intention could be something you’re working on, or another beautiful way to amplify the effects is to dedicate the individual and group healing energy to someone else you feel needs some healing.

Don’t rush
Allow yourself some time at the end of the ceremony to just be, to take everything in and soak up the vibes that have been created. Take a moment to receive in the silence what shift has taken place. This helps to ground the experience and the brain to register what has happened. Stay in the room as long as you need to assimilate.


Wear comfortable clothes they can help you sink into the nurturing yin energy of the ceremony. If you have a favorite crystal, its effects can be amplified by the ceremony—try placing one on your solar plexus or heart chakra.

Create space

The healer will have worked diligently to create a sacred space for transformation and it’s important to honor that. So being intoxicated, visiting a jarring environment or getting straight back onto a motorbike or back to work afterwards is not advised  Your nervous system will be sensitive after the session, so drink plenty of water, if possible have a detoxifying Epsom salt bath and light some candles to honor the process and bring it full circle.


Or paint, or dance… whatever your chosen creative method of release is. Processing the ceremony in this way can be really helpful and offer you further insights. If writing is your thing, then stream of consciousness / free writing can be a powerful way to gain clarity on any shifts that may have taken place.

Watch what comes up

In the days, hours, weeks after. Have you received any insights on something that was troubling you? A different, higher perspective of viewing a situation? You may have revelatory dreams, or maybe the way you interact with people changes. Likewise, if you didn’t receive or feel anything, don’t be disheartened. The healing works on many different, often subtle levels that our logic-driven left brains can’t understand.

Don’t compare

Sound healing is a deeply personal experience so if you go with a friend, don’t be put off if they’ve had a cosmic experience and you haven’t—it brings up different stuff for different people. I’ve reacted all kinds of ways, from crying to falling asleep (luckily the healing is just as effective when snoozing!). In the Tibetan bowl meditation I attended in Ubud, all sense of time and space diminished and I was left in no doubt that there is a higher, ancient wisdom that connects us all—a pure loving force beyond what we perceive in our daily lives. But I’ve also left feeling sad and tired. One of the most beautiful things about sound healing is that it’s different every time. There are endless possibilities!


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