Here at the Pyramids of Chi Healing Center, in Ubud, Bali sits our spacious cafe overlooking the two beautiful majestic pyramids and stunning grounds.

We are open for breakfast, lunch and early dinner (8.30 am – 7:00 pm) and cater to all types of palettes and preferences. We offer a full selection of decadent sweets, healthy treats, fabulous coffee and other beverages. There are also local and Western dishes, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options available.

Our cafe offers comfortable seating from roundtables that provide ample seating to more intimate lounging areas to sit and soak up the energies. Also, check out our incredible sunken nooks overlooking the Pyramids and lake. An excellent opportunity for groups to sit and chat while enjoying tasty delights.

Our coffees have been a huge hit and many of our customers have now become regulars popping in for a cuppa and more.

We also offer an ALL DAY BREAKFAST that has become very popular. For those looking for cold drinks, we have everything from yummy fresh fruit juices to mouthwatering smoothies and if so inclined we also offer some local alcoholic beers and wine.

Cafe & Gift shop

Gift Shop

Our Gift Shop focuses on showcasing appealing and affordable products associated with the overall energy and relaxation theme of the Pyramids. The variety of items on display and for sale, such as; luminous crystals, jewelry, gems, drums and didgeridoos will be a memorable and beautiful gifts to enjoy and to enhance your home.

We also offer colorful and meaningful artwork through to that special gift for a friend or family member back home. Our gifts have been specifically purchased to ensure quality workmanship and something for everyone.

We thoughtfully source most of our products within Bali and Indonesia ensuring our desire to give back to the communities which we have grown to love and respect.

Cafe & Gift shop
Cafe & Gift shop
Cafe & Gift shop


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