Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of frequently asked questions about the Pyramids of Chi experience. If you can not find your question, please contact us. We do our best to keep the FAQ list updated.

Do you provide transportation to and from the Pyramids?

We have a shuttle bus running every day from 9:30am to 4:30pm once an hour from Ubud Palace (bottom of Jl. Suweta).

If you are not close to the center of town your hotel or guesthouse should be able to call you a taxi quite easily. We encourage you to ask them first as it is difficult for us to explain to the driver exactly where you are located due to the large number of hotels and guesthouses in Bali and lack often lack of organized addresses or street names. Your hotel reception or guesthouse manager would be better able to assist you and the taxi to find your pick up point.

We can arrange a taxi for you from the Pyramids back to your hotel. Just ask our receptionist if you like to do that. If you are a group with paid advance booking, we can arrange transportation for you.

Are there any adverse effects when having a Sound Healing Session in the Pyramids?

None that we are aware of, the sounds and frequencies usually relax all your cells, muscles, chakras, and energy systems. You may come out of a session feeling extremely relaxed and calm. A walk through our beautiful open grounds without shoes, taking deep breaths of fresh air will allow your body to become grounded and gently bring you ‘back to Earth’.

I am a diabetic on a pump, is it still safe?

We suggest turning the pump off and checking your count after the session, sufferers have reported great results as the body goes into a very beneficial mode for that hour.

Will I be hot or cold inside the Pyramid?

Our pyramids are air-conditioned to avoid the discomfort of being too hot. Rarely do people get cold, however if you are concerned we do have lightweight blankets for you if you need them.

Are the mattresses comfortable?

Extremely so. They are proper single bed mattresses and it’s not uncommon for people to go to sleep during the session because they are so comfortable. They are also 2 metres long, so perfect for taller people.

Do you have pillows and or bolsters?

Yes we have both and the pillows have a cover on them for hygienic purposes which are changed regularly.

Is it dark inside the pyramid?

When the doors are closed there is a loss of light, however when your eyes adjust there is a subtle exterior light that enters which we need when walking around with some of our instruments. We do provide Eye Pillows to remove any excess light in the Pyramids for those wanting total darkness.

Is there any problem with mosquitoes?

We have been blessed with an absence of mosquitoes in the pyramids and only occasionally in the cafe around dusk. Fragrant natural organic sprays are available on the tables if needed.

Is there somewhere I can go before or after the session to meditate?

The landscaped grounds are extensive with many beautiful and idyllic places to just sit and hold your own space.

Are there facilities for wheelchair access?

Yes, we have gentle ramps down to the pyramids and our staff are always available for any extra assistance required. The cafe and pyramids offer no resistance to people with disabilities, minimal stairs and even a wheelchair toilet.

Do you cater to people with food issues?

Yes we have many choices from vegan, vegetarian, raw, gluten intolerant and with a few hours notice meals can be prepared for specific needs with pleasure. Organic food is used wherever possible and only subject to seasonal availability.

Are the grounds suitable for children?

Only if completely supervised, lots of grassed areas to play on, however there are many high stone walls and water areas that young children are not permitted to be near without adult supervision. The Pyramids are also a sanctuary for relaxation, so having young children running around expressing themselves with squeals or yelling especially during our session or workshop times is not conducive to our atmosphere of a calming space.

Do you have WIFI?

Our vibration and sound experience, in fact our whole 60 are property, is designed to bring peace, harmony and wellbeing to our visitors.    Wifi introduces electromagnetic radiation into your body which has no benefit other than to cause it harm so we are a NO WIFI area – in other words we do NOT encourage the use of EMR devices – instead we do encourage communications, introspection, relaxation and appreciation of the natural beauty around. Plenty of places around Ubud to access your WIFI, so when visiting us just chill out and enjoy the ambiance.

Is it a good place to visit when raining?

A beautiful place to visit wet or dry.    Our session is enhanced by the sound of rain falling on the outside of the pyramid walls whilst you’re inside enjoying a relaxing ‘dry’ experience.    Our Cafe also allows you to experience wonderful food and comforting hot drinks if the weather turns inclement and we invite you to stay as long as you want to.   Browse through our Gift Shop or watch the informative video presentation in our Introduction Room.

What if I have a pacemaker or other ‘implants’

All safe, and in fact the vibrations and sounds can help your body to be more accepting of whatever inevitable foreign bodies have been necessary to add to improve your lifestyle.    The calming effects of the instruments used are designed to relax the body and allow everything to flow more easily.

Are children allowed in the Pyramid Sessions?

Unfortunately, children under 14 years of age do not usually have the attention span for the one-hour duration of the Sound Healing Experience.    However, we will be introducing special sessions soon for Mothers/Fathers with children for a 30-minute experience.   Our website will have details when this is available.

I’m pregnant - will the session affect my unborn child?

We have found from feedback from many ‘ladies in waiting’ that the effect the session can have on their baby is one of calming and relaxation for both mother and child.   The calming effect of the session especially for ‘Mum to be’ then passes through to her little miracle and both receive a time of togetherness and bonding with no interruptions.

I’m not able to lay down and be comfortable!

For whatever reason, some people cannot lie down for any length of time in comfort.    We have chairs or ‘loungers’ with cushions and footrests if this will make your session easier and more enjoyable for you.


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