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      My friends and I visited the Pyramids of Chi for a sound healing session after hearing wonderful things about it. The sound session itself was pleasant and there was a good introductory talk beforehand from Skye. I felt very relaxed and at peace afterwards but...More

    thumb Maps714517

      Just what we were looking for! We came back twice for the sound healing and once the bioressonaince healing. There is nothing quite like it. An amazing experience that you cant really explain in text. Well worth the visit. A little pricey for Ubud but...More

    thumb nikjoy

      I was not sure what we were going to experience, however, felt the experience quite wonderful and felt the sounds within my body! You must go there with an open mind and body and not be perturbed about loud sounds. I embraced the experience and...More

    thumb Quest721607

      That was my very first time to have sound healing section. It's definitely a great choice to bring back yourself after those hectic weeks and stuff. I felt like the 'pyramid room', beautiful chanting by Didi, the smell, the sounds were harmonized the atmoshpere and...More

    thumb April Y

      It was my first sound healing experience and I didn't expect it to be very beautiful and peaceful at first. Didn't know I could doze off to the sound of gongs. This place is just amazing. Very beautiful. As soon as the session was done,...More

    thumb Sisidamayanty

      I’m not normally someone that goes for these healing/meditating type experienced, however after being invited along by a friend I am glad I did. While I’m not a huge believer in chakras and the power of pyramids, it did not stop it from being a...More

    thumb SaneBrit

      If you happen to visit Bali, it won't be perfect without having an experience of sound healing under the pyramid that has a strong positive, yet peaceful energy. This place HAVE TO be on your first Bali bucket list. I highly recommend to to visit...More

    thumb rustaman a

      Phyramid Chi is such a beautiful place to look for inspiration in the middle of the rice fields, love the bare foot walk!

    thumb Nurul F

      Sound healing is mind blowing, as soon the sound start you will feel your energy is going and What a great place to bring you positive mind.

    thumb Warpan

      That was my very first healing by sound. It was sooo impressive and feeling Sooo relaxed after. Pyramid of Chi is a very peaceful place and highly recommended especially for those who have lots of burden after hectic working and bring so much negativity. I'd...More

    thumb MujahidahI4

      This was my first sound healing experience and I didn't quite know what to expect but what an exceptional experience it was!! Peter and his team were incredibly warm and kind. Especially Didi who conducted the sound session with her sister and poured her beautiful...More

    thumb Angelique_T_Meyer

      This place is amazing. Far from the hectic Ubud, it's where you can find peace and beauty of living. The sound healing session was the best. You'll amazingly find yourself immersed with the sounds of nature and gongs that let your body relax and rest....More

    thumb me020392

More experiences…

Ancient, modern & traditional.

Been travelling the world doing sound healing, meditation, yoga and devotional singing and fate brought me to The Pyramids of Chi in Ubud. Brilliantly run, peaceful surroundings with a beautiful & passionate introductory talk from owner and founder Peter. The sound in the pyramid was incredibly hypnotic and transformative. If you are looking for a great way to experience life and to deepen your knowledge of “the self”, intention & faith. I would recommend this very much. Thank you Peter & Lynn. Your story of vision into reality is inspirational in itself.

– Chris E


Just Breathe…..

Give your mind and body a gift and take a few hours out of your day to visit Pyramids of Chi and enjoy one of their Sound Healing sessions. For only 330,000rp which includes a lovely lunch afterwards this is an Ubud must visit. The sound of the gongs is indescribable and truly has to be “felt” to be believed. As others have mentioned you don’t have to be into alternate therapies to appreciate this experience, if you don’t believe that is fine, just breathe……

– Nat n Dave


Beautiful experience

We came across this place from my hotel. The sound healing session was amazing, beautiful and relaxing. The whole experience from start to finish left us feeling restored and positive. Peter is an inspiring man and he is able to connect with people instantly. Feeling very grateful for such a wonderful experience.

– London Chewing


So Amazing

We were told by friends that the Pyramids of Chi was a ‘Must Do’ when visiting not just Ubud but Bali. We are so grateful for the recommendation, it was the highlight of our holiday to Bali and an experience we would also suggest to all to make that time in Bali a memorable adventure. Our intention is to be back here in Bali at least 3 times in 2018 and one of our first stops will be the Pyramids. Next time we will make sure it is during one of the Moon evenings because we keep hearing so many incredible reports about them too.

– Philippa and Jordan


Bali magic!

The island of Bali is a regular holiday destination for us from Sydney, now we have have discovered another reason why we need to come to Ubud every time. The wonderful relaxing and yet emotionally moving time we spent with the Ancient Sound session in the Sun Pyramid was like no other for us both, the vibrations and sounds created by Kevin and Janine left us in awe. It was almost an out of body experience, so much so, that we had the urge to return twice more. Each time was different in some way and we cannot stop telling others about it. The food was also a real treat, their Burger was without doubt one of the best I have ever had and Jill’s Eggs Benedict certainly rates for a return tasting – so yummy. Go there and find this piece of paradise – quite magical.

– Brian & Jill


Wow, what a different opportunity

Our agent in Bristol told us that he had visited a place called the Pyramids of Chi in Bali and we should certainly think about a trip there during our Bali holiday. At first we were apprehensive, it was over an hours drive from Ullawatu according to our driver, yet we figured it was a worth going because of the praise Terry (agent) had heaped on it. Well it was so worth the trip, we did the 11am session and came out of it almost in a daze, the ethereal sounds and energies that one feels during this hour long experience had us wandering the beautiful grounds muttering – did you, have you, I felt, type of statements to each other, never have we had such a PROFOUND reaction to an event in our lives. Stayed on for a fabulous lunch and spent the afternoon relaxing in one of the super comfy Pods sipping wine and soaking up the place’s energies. We will be back, thank you.

– John and Cindy


An incredible time in a beautiful setting

We saw the brochure and thought that sounds like something a bit different, yes it most definitely was and one we will remember for a long time to come. Peter (Owner) gave us a powerful introduction into the whole Pyramid story before we went into the massive Pyramid of the Sun to listen to Andrie and Didi send us to an amazing place with the playing of the Gongs and many other ancient instruments.The whole time there we were so impressed with the quality of everything and the personal touch from all hosting this opportunity to understand the energies of the Pyramids and those amazing instruments. Next time we are there we will not only come for a daytime session, but also keen to try that wonderful Cacao ceremony we were told about. Thank you Peter, Andrie and Didi and all your staff for a very memorable time.

– Julie and Kristian


Powerful, moving and best value yet

Just finished the great Full Moon Experience and it was better than I had ever hoped, the Shamanic Ceremony around the fire pit with Joseph White Elk, the emotive energies of all the players in the Pyramid, then that top class 3 course supper could not have been better orchestrated. The owners (Pete & Lynda) and the gong players visited most of the 60+ visitors and made them all feel so welcome. Was it worth the $30, no probably $60 should have been the price, this place is not acting in a commercial way, but an approach to offer people a taste of Sound Healing in an incredible manner. Put it in your Bucket List for one of the best things to do in Bali.

– Chad


Just loved this new attraction

As a long time visitor from Denmark to Bali and an often resident in Ubud for our winter, I discovered this new place that all of Ubud is discussing called the Pyramids of Chi. Well thank your Peter and Lynn for creating this beautiful space, I will be back often and bringing my friends to visit too. I wish your every success in the future and would love to see one in my country one day.

– Eric


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