The Pyramids of Chi are located near the traditional and charming Balinese village of Bentuyung (pronounced Boon t’ yoong). This is where part of the romantic film “Eat, Pray, Love”, with Hollywood movie star, Julia Roberts was filmed. In the near future, guided walks will be available along the rice field paths to see the beautiful and charming house filmed plus the amazing large temples of Fire, Wind (Air) and Water within a typical Balinese architecture and local village atmosphere.

Ubud is often referred to as the Spiritual Epicenter of Asia. No matter where you go, in this lush tropical region, you will be impressed by the numerous Temples, historical buildings, Palaces and the wonderful energy of the many fast flowing rivers. All of these sites and energies are well known to locals and especially to returning visitors from around the world.

Shuttle Bus

Located only 3 Kilometres by road (less than 2 miles or a 5 minute drive), North from the center of Ubud (Ubud Palace), The Pyramids of Chi is accessible from the Ubud Palace in the center of town via our shuttle bus which runs once an hour back and forth starting from 9:30am to 4:30pm traveling a route that winds through picturesque rice fields and small traditional Balinese villages. Our entire establishment is nestled between two flowing rivers, beautiful gardens and superb views overlooking nearby fertile green rice terraces. And off in the distance you will have a birds eye view of the magnificent volcano known as Mt Agung.

Sari Organik Rice Field Walk

If you like to walk there is an easy, picturesque and well-traveled mostly paved path that runs directly through the rice fields to the Pyramids from the main road in Ubud that is only 2.5 kilometres (1.4 miles) long. This panoramic view can easily be strolled in around half an hour. It meanders gently, following a ‘Subak’ (irrigation channel) and at times next to one of the two rivers and it is suitable walking for all ages without difficulty. Peacefully tucked away from the hustle and bustle of traffic you can stop and view the sights at your leisure and have the opportunity to meet with locals, tending to their fields or explore their small cabins where you can purchase some of their own homemade products. The views along the way include two lush valleys and the best part is when you arrive at the Pyramids where you can relax, sit down and enjoy a wonderful meal and beverage, then perhaps a super relaxing Sound Healing experience in the Pyramid of the Sun.

PoC Location Map


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