Here at the Pyramids of Chi Healing Center, in Ubud, Bali sits our spacious cafe overlooking the two beautiful majestic pyramids and stunning grounds.

We are open for breakfast, lunch and early dinner (8.30 am – 7:00 pm) and cater to all types of palettes and preferences. We offer a full selection of decadent sweets, healthy treats, fabulous coffee and other beverages. There are also local and Western dishes, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options available.

Our cafe offers comfortable seating from roundtables that provide ample seating to more intimate lounging areas to sit and soak up the energies. Also, check out our incredible sunken nooks overlooking the Pyramids and lake. An excellent opportunity for groups to sit and chat while enjoying tasty delights.

Our coffees have been a huge hit and many of our customers have now become regulars popping in for a cuppa and more.

We also offer an ALL DAY BREAKFAST that has become very popular. For those looking for cold drinks, we have everything from yummy fresh fruit juices to mouthwatering smoothies and if so inclined we also offer some local alcoholic beers and wine.


We hope our International style Menu helps you find something tempting for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, or maybe just an in-between snack. Our selection ranges from Vegan to Decadent, so we have many dishes to appeal to most tastes. Everything on our Menu is available all day – especially the Eggs Benedict – our most popular dish. Our fruit and vegetables are all organic, they’re washed in filtered water. Our ice is also made from filtered water for your wellbeing. 

All Day Breakfast
Two egg Omelette with tomato, onion, mushrooms, spinach, herbs and tasty cheddar cheese. Served with golden hash potatoes. 
70,000 Rp
Scrambled Eggs
Two scrambled eggs on a toasted English muffin, with local feta cheese, mushrooms, spinach, drizzled with rich olive oil and topped off with fresh garnish and cracked black pepper. 
65,000 Rp
Pancakes (V) (GF)
Three English style pancakes topped with local ricotta cheese, mixed fresh fruits, roasted cashews, passion fruit coulis, lime and honey.  •Red rice flour pancakes (V) (GF) •White pancakes (V)
60,000 Rp
A healthy start to your day, or a nourishing meal for lunch or dinner – our tasty Smoothie Bowls are available in three refreshing varieties – all made with coconut milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, and topped with fresh fruit and coconut with a dash of fresh lime for an extra zing. 
65,000 Rp
Smoothie Drinks
•Mango, Pineapple, Banana, Ginger, Cinnamon. •Spinach, Avocado, Spirulina, Banana, Pineapple, Mint •Dragon Fruit, Raspberries, Ginger, Banana, Mango ADD a sprinkling of our oven-toasted Muesli at no extra charge:  •But please note this contains honey and gluten. Please Note: Some fruits are seasonal so please ask the staff.
45,000 Rp
Something Lighter
Sweet roasted pumpkin with crunchy tempeh, baby spinach, local feta cheese, sultanas, celery, local apple and roasted baby onion – sprinkled with fresh roasted coconut. •Recommended Salad Dressing: Honey Mustard
60,000 Rp
A trio of Romaine, peppery Ruccola and Iceberg lettuce served with grated beetroot & carrot, tempeh, red onion, pickled cucumber, mushrooms, parsley, flat beans, cashew nuts, toasted sesame seeds and basil topped with parmesan cheese. •Recommended Salad Dressing: Zesty Lemon or Honey Mustard * Vegan with alternative dressing
65,000 Rp
Five golden brown crunchy spring rolls filled with a selection of seasonal vegetables – served with sweet chilli dipping sauce. With chicken +5k
45,000 Rp
Three fresh tasty rolls with rice noodles, carrots, coriander, red onion, toasted sesame seeds and capsicum with ground peanuts and a side dipping sauce of sweet chilli. (avocado included subject to availability).  •Add chicken +5K 
45,000 Rp
Something More Substantial
Created by our own amazing in-house kitchen Team: Tina, Eka, Kadek, Agung and Pandi. This delicious Balinese BBQ sauce is basted onto a juicy chicken leg and served with fragrant Balinese yellow Lemongrass rice. A side of julienne carrots and green beans complete this enak sekali (delicious) Balinese dish.
70,000 Rp
Why go to Italy? Homemade lasagna sheets layered with minced beef tenderloin in a rich tomato sauce, béchamel sauce, and topped with shredded tasty cheddar cheese and ricotta. Served with a fresh and crispy side salad and lemon zest dressing. 
70,000 Rp
Lightly toasted burger bun with lettuce, caramelized onion, aioli and topped with tasty melted cheddar cheese. Served with a side of pickled cucumber, tomato sauce, pickled beetroot and skin on potato wedges. Choose from: • Homemade tenderloin beef patty with herbs 80k • Succulent Chicken – plain or BBQ 80k • Oven roasted vegetables (V) 75k
80,000 Rp
Our own tasty version of fried rice with fresh vegetables tossed in spices with a touch of chilli and topped with a sunny side up fried egg. Please ask for a portion of sambal on the side if you like it hotter.  Add chicken +10,000
60,000 Rp
Substantial & Healthy
Assorted vegetables – sweet potato, pumpkin, tomato, spinach and onion – stacked high in a light pastry case with grated cheddar cheese, and topped with ricotta cheese - served with a fresh salad and dressing. 
60,000 Rp
This rich, mild-medium yellow curry originates from Southern Thailand – derived from an original Persian recipe. Green beans, potato, spinach, eggplant, peanut sauce, Kafir lime leaves, cumin, red chilli and coconut cream all stir together to produce an amazing dish served traditionally with white rice. Very Popular 
65,000 Rp
Layers of eggplant sandwiched with our own Italian style tomato herb sauce, with ricotta and basil, and topped with melted cheddar cheese. Garlic onion & sesame seed gluten free toast, and a side salad with dressing completes this tasty dish. 
65,000 Rp
Deliciously creamy Thai style roasted sweet potato soup with coconut cream, chilli and herbs. Served with a toasted English muffin or gluten free pumpkin or onion/sesame bread.
55,000 Rp
Panini sandwich toasted golden brown with your choice of filling and served with a fresh salad and dressing. Choose from: •Antipasto roasted vegetables with cheese and a side of onion chutney. •Tasty Cheddar Cheese and Tomato •OR Add Chicken +10,000 IDR
60,000 Rp
Hot Beverages
•Espresso •Cappuccino •Flat White •Latte •Macchiato •Americano •Long Black •Mocha (Half Chocolate Half Coffee) •Chai Latte •Ask for Coconut or Soy Milk for an extra 10,000 IDR **All made with full cream milk - unless black
30,000 Rp
Rich and creamy hot chocolate made with Full Cream Milk and served with marshmallows.  • Ask for Coconut or Soy Milk +10,000 IDR 
35,000 Rp
• Black Chai – a powerful antioxidant with medicinal benefits • Ayurveda – helps reduce insomnia, calms and helps reduce stress • Vanilla Coconut Chai – vanillin is a natural antioxidant • Lavender Java – very relaxing and an anti-depressant • Lemongrass with Ginger – calming, relieves stomach upsets • Maringa – boosts the immune system, stimulates brain cells, helps reduce inflammation of the joints • Sour Sop Leaf – helps prevent infections, inhibit cancer cells and reduce effects of diabetes • Avocado – great to improve skin condition and a good source of Vitamin D • Healing Tea – helps fight viruses and boosts energy to quicken recovery • Guava Tea – helps relieve constipation and high blood pressure • Jasmine Tea – gentle relaxant • Green Tea – pick me up and immune system booster • Black Tea – rich in tannins to relax the digestive system and the flavins which destroy abnormal cells in the body ** Pot of Tea for One.
25,000 Rp
Cold & Refreshing
• Watermelon: with fresh lime juice and ginger 30,000 IDR • Papaya: fresh papaya and ginger 30,000 IDR • Banana Bender: Bananas with fresh young coconut and cashew 40,000 IDR • Pina Colada: Fresh pineapple and coconut milk 40,000 IDR
30,000 Rp
Fresh full cream (FC) milk and fruit with vanilla ice-cream:  • Banana; Passion Fruit; Vanilla; Chocolate; Mocha; Coffee Each - 40,000 IDR • Chocolate Frappe: Chocolate Sauce; FC Milk; Ice Cream and Cream 50,000 IDR 
40,000 Rp
Soft Drinks
• Sprite; Orange; Coca Cola; light Coca Cola
25,000 Rp
A fermented tea, this probiotic has many amazing health-giving qualities which help to improve digestion, increase energy, boost the immune system and decrease inflammation. Brewed in Bali. Ask our waitress for flavours • By the Glass 35,000 IDR • By the Bottle 60,000 IDR
35 Rp
Beers: All our beers are refrigerated and served with an icy cold glass • Bintang – Large 45,000 IDR • Bintang - Small 30,000 IDR • San Miguel – Small 35,000 IDR • San Miguel – Large 50,000 IDR Cape Discovery Wines: • Rich Red Cab, Merlot Blend or SB Fruity White Glass 70k Bottle 300,000 IDR • Cape Discovery Sparkling Champagne By the bottle only: 350,000 IDR

Our prices are subject to 10% Government Tax and 5% Service Fee.

Gift Shop

Our Gift Shop focuses on showcasing appealing and affordable products associated with the overall energy and relaxation theme of the Pyramids. The variety of items on display and for sale, such as; luminous crystals, jewelry, gems, drums and didgeridoos will be a memorable and beautiful gift to enjoy and to enhance your home.

We also offer colorful and meaningful artwork through to that special gift for a friend or family member back home. Our gifts have been specifically purchased to ensure quality workmanship and something for everyone.

We thoughtfully source most of our products within Bali and Indonesia ensuring our desire to give back to the communities which we have grown to love and respect.


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